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Efficiency at Work: Making Every Second Count

An efficient office allows for work to flow uninterrupted so that at the end of the day, much can be accomplished. What you need is to have a system that everyone can understand and follow.

But why is EFFICIENCY so important in business?

People, information and resources — these are the lifeblood of every company. If there is no system to be followed and to guide everyone involved, significant amounts of time and money can be wasted.

What are the important things that really needs efficiency?

  1. Data that comes in and out of your office - you and your staff will be passing information within and outside the workplace. These include emails, fax, phone calls, invoices, etc.
  1. Workers - every member of the organisation must be assigned to certain tasks or departments, even the leaders. In other words, there has to be a clear delegation of work — who should be doing what. You'll also need to make sure that you know what your staff are doing or where they are when they are out for meetings or on field work.
  1. Resources - paper, computers, printers, fax machines, projectors and even Metabo tools from United Tools for emergency repairs — all these are resources require considerable amounts to acquire. This is why it's important that manage them properly to avoid wastage or loss.
  1. Money - needless to say, you need an efficient system to keep track of all the money coming in and out of your business. This is to monitor the progress of your company and to ensure that you're not losing revenues.

So how do you make your office efficient?

  1. For visitors - you need to make them feel well received and assisted. They can be potential customers, which makes it very important to keep them happy during their visit. What you need to do to make them comfortable is to have a designated space where they can wait. Make sure it is clean and organised. To avoid making them bored, have magazines and other reading materials for them to pass the time. Provide water or other kinds of refreshments. Also, see to it that there's always someone to assure them that they will be entertained very soon. Most of all, make it a point to use comfortable and sturdy furniture for your guests to sit on. The office furniture NZ specialists from Hurdleys can help you with this aspect.
  1. For workers - of course, you need to put everyone who needs to work on the same task in one group so they can collaborate easily. Any distractions should also be discarded to make sure that all employees can focus on their tasks. You should also see to it that all the equipment needed to finish the job quickly is made accessible though that need not be a problem with GECentre serviced offices on the North Shore. If serviced offices are not something you want but your own workspace, then the professionals at Concept Office, a fitouts company in Melbourne, can be summoned to make your vision a reality. You should also be able to buy commercial and home office furniture in NZ at Once you're ready to move into your new office, you can hire professional removalists to make the job easier.
  1. For resources - one way of preventing abuse or loss of any company-owned device is to install monitoring systems and logbooks. These will help you keep track of how and when your printers, copiers, computers and even vending machines are used. This also goes true for your air-conditioning and heating systems, as well as other electronics you may be using at work. To save on electricity though, use efficient oil and gas boilers at You can also make use of Bromic gas outdoor heaters for areas with an alfresco setting to ensure that the level of air temperature is comfortable enough for everyone.
  1. For your office building - as one of your assets, you need to have it fenced to keep intruders away. Let Skilled Fencing help you design a suitable fence for your workplace. Aside from that, you should make it a point to make your business place designed in a way that benefits your employees as well as your customers or clients. For commercial design and construction services, you can rely on Abilmente Co., Ltd. to do a good job. They are known to provide work for each client.

Just to get things started, follow these tips and then, add a few of your own to ensure your workplace is as efficient as possible. If you need help in your finances in your business, go online and check out .