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Home Construction 101: 7 Important Components of a House

Houses come in many shapes and forms. However, they play the same role – to provide shelter and comfort for the occupants. They are also constructed using the same major components. These include the following:


This component provides the structural strength of the house. It is also the first part to be built before anything else. The foundation is made up of erected posts and slabs that are fabricated using metal and concrete. It is where the walls and the roofing will be attached to form the basic structure of the building.


The walls don’t only separate the interior of the house from the outdoor but they are also used to distribute the weight of the entire building onto the foundation. They also serve as partitions for the different areas inside the house. Doors, windows and other openings are also installed as parts of the walls and there are many Windows For Life window replacement in melbourne specialists who offer this service to make your home more energy efficient.


The primary role of the roof in the house is to protect the interior from the sun, rain, wind and snow. It is installed on the beams and foundation using different types of materials including wood, steel, aluminium and fibreglass among others. 


To maintain a consistent temperature inside the house, a layer of fibreglass, cellulose, polyurethane or polystyrene foam is installed on the walls. This makes the home cool during hot seasons and warm during winter. Once the materials are in place, they are then covered with a layer of finishing in the form of drywall or sheetrock. The glass frameworks of ราวกันตก กระจก can improve the structure to support these insulation in a home.

Electrical Wiring

Another important component in constructing a house is the wiring system. It is composed of all the electrical lines that will provide electricity to the lightings and appliances that you have in your home. These are usually embedded in the walls and ceiling.

For any outdoor audio visual entertainment equipment, you must ensure these are installed by professionals. LED screens are the in thing for both internal and external viewing, and if you are interested in จอ led ราคา, why not visit for more information.

Water Plumbing System

The plumbing system has two functions. One is to distribute clean water throughout the home and two is to collect waste water for proper disposal. The main materials used in plumbing systems especially on clean water lines are steel or aluminium pipes, such as those manufactured by Chassis Brakes International. Other components used include taps, showers, drains and other fixtures used on kitchens and bathrooms.

HVAC System

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is the component that provides control on temperature and humidity inside the house. It will be able to heat up the air during cold weather or provide cooler air during summer days. It is also used to supply the entire house with fresh air from outdoors. It is also possible to obtain free home heating through Affordable Warmth heating grants, so do look into this matter further to determine if you are eligible.

If you want to install an air-conditioning system at home, make sure that it is carried out by professionals to ensure that everything is properly done. With that said, you can get in touch with us here at ABW. We are an F-gas registered company with expertise in the installation, commissioning, service and maintenance of all types of air conditioning. Having a cooker ที่ดูดควัน is important for the ventilation of the kitchen area. And when you find your house with all the above components, you will need to find good removals firms in Cambridge to help with that all important move.

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