Maintenance Package Concepts

Air conditioning company fuel cards

Today's air conditioning companies do a lot of driving, especially when they are responsible for supplying installation, maintenance and service across a large metropolitan area or region. All of this driving adds up to significant petrol costs, especially for companies that maintain a sizable fleet. With this in mind, the prospects of securing wholesale rates on petrol and the chance to keep better track of records is attractive to air conditioning service companies across the United Kingdom.

These are some of the leading reasons that air conditioning installation companies may want to consider switching over to a wholesale petrol plan:

  • Purchasing petrol on a wholesale basis allows savings of several pence per litre, and this equals substantial savings in petrol costs if you are operating a fleet of vehicles or if the number of service and installation runs on a regular basis is substantial.
  • Using an automated system across your fleet of air conditioning delivery and service vehicles makes it much easier to track the value added tax attached to your petrol purchases; rather than relying on your driver to keep the receipts and return them to you, you can have all of your financial information delivered to you electronically.
  • Your staff and company will be saving a fortune when it comes to buying a fuel card for your business. Maybe it'll be time to buy a second hand BMW with all that spare cash!

  • Wholesale petrol schemes allow for a broad range of pumps and suppliers; this means that your drivers will be able to find participating petrol pumps even when they are off of the standard air conditioning service area.

If you are wondering if a wholesale plan like this is going to be a good investment for your business, then consider having a look on the Internet. Some of the more competitive programmes offer a type of fuel card challenge, in which you enter data related to your current air conditioning service and delivery runs. The website's online calculator will then plug these data into an algorithm and determine precisely how much you stand to save on an annual basis by implementing a new wholesale petrol purchasing scheme.

Every little bit counts

While it is true that air conditioning installation and service companies do not do as much driving as long haul courier and shipping companies, they still routinely engage in a significant amount of driving within their service areas. The average driver may not cover much distance in a linear sense in the course of a standard day. However, if you count the number of service runs they make every week - driving back and forth between multiple homes in offices, getting stuck in traffic and driving at less than optimal speeds in terms of petrol efficiency - these drivers can rack up substantial petrol expenses.

With this in mind, company fuel cards can be just as beneficial to a business that installs and services air conditioning units as it is for shipping and logistics firms. The amount of savings that are going to be achieved may not equal as great a percentage of total overhead as they would for a business that specialises in providing transportation services. However, this is no reason not to maximise your efficiency, protocol and savings in any area in which it is reasonably convenient to do so.

Perhaps the most compelling reason for air conditioning installation and services companies to sign up for a wholesale petrol programme is the level of convenience that these businesses enjoy after signing on. Substantial savings aside, when you have an automated payment system in place for your drivers, you can keep tabs on their activities, projected delivery times and location in real time. The payment system promotes accountability, transparency and, above all, ease of execution.