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What You May Need to Know About Putting Up a Science Laboratory

Creating a space for scientific research and experiments entails a lot of detailed planning and help from construction experts. Here are some of the considerations before commencing the construction of a science laboratory:

The location. This is perhaps the most crucial when constructing such a lab because there are local zoning codes you need to consider. Science laboratories are known for the utilisation of various chemicals and microorganisms, many of which are deemed dangerous to the environment, animals and people.

The rooms. Natural flow is important in lab construction. The placement of the science laboratory furniture must be done correctly to maintain such flow. Easy access to safety equipment must also be ensured, and high-traffic areas should be allotted with adequate, if not bigger, space.

The ventilation. A well-lit space with proper ventilation is a requirement. This is particularly important for a number of reasons: preservation of specimens, protection of laboratory technicians, maintenance of equipment and containment of hazardous fumes. Proper installation of air conditioning systems, fume hoods and the like is indeed a must.

The electrical system. Depending on the nature of the experiments, electric outlets and lighting fixtures must be strategically placed for safety and convenience purposes. Installation should be carried out by professional electricians.

The storage space. Adequate science laboratory furniture, cabinets, shelves and other storage compartments ensure proper placement of chemicals, compounds and other laboratory specimen. When choosing them, opt for those that enable the preservation of substances sensitive to light. Materials will have to be stored in air-tight, chemical-resistant containers to avoid contamination and spillage.

The equipment. Basic laboratory equipment include, but are not limited to, protective personal equipment, glass tools (e.g. petri dishes, Erlenmeyer flasks, beakers), alcohol burners, funnels, thermometres, tongs and pipets. Facilities used are heavily dependent on the types of experiment and research that will be performed in your lab and there could also be requirements for other types of machinery such as linear scales which you could acquire from companies like Also having a skip bin by will be needed in a science lab.

The filing system. One of the common causes of laboratory errors is failure to organise lab notes. A clear and organised filing system keeps such occurrence at bay. Inventories of laboratory equipment and specimen must also be placed systematically.

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